Call me Mr. Tellall, what you are reading is an active journal. This story will go on as I see it, and is message is not clear at present. I suppose this is a place for me to feel creative, vent my feelings, practice writing, and share my life in a way that I hope is anonymous.

This story is ascending, life in the making, happening as you are reading it. And I welcome you to follow along. Just know my writings aren’t perfect, and I’d never pass as a literary scholar. Selfishly this is all for me. Until now I have always wanted to write something, but about what? I guess we’ll see, these are the things I’d write.

Hi there! If you know how to write, want to help, or have something to say. Shoot me an email, any resources or feedback is appreciated. I would love to know you are out there reading or you find value in my endeavor.

[email protected]